Have a  CSDA
SAFE and Fall Newsletter
When Wednesday December 16
Location: Summerlin Library----1771 Inner Circle Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89134
Holiday Closures Cost: $55, due with November tuition at the front desk. It will not be taken out of auto pay for 
  you. Cost covers theatre rental and crew plus 2 free show tickets. Additional tickets go on
Saturday Oct 31st sale December 1st for $10 ea. What to wear: stay tuned for email info. Dancers will put
Halloween their own costumes together. This is a fun holiday show with no dress rehearsal. Just a
  showcase to show off what your dancer has learned in class the past few months. There will
Wed. Nov25-29 be 2 shows. Please see your dancer's class times listed below to see what time their show
Thanksgiving will be.
Wed. December 16 5:30pm Show (Doors open at 5pm)
(evening classes  
closed) for Holiday Thursday Company dancers, "Irreplaceable"
  Ms. Kim's Wed. 9am, Wed 10am, Wed. 430pm, Thurs. 4:30pm, Thurs. 630pm &
Sunday Dec. 20- Friday 4:30pm
Sunday Jan. 3, for  
Winter Break Ms. Kelli's Thursday 5:30pm
  Ms. Joanna's Saturday 10am, 11am , 12pm
Special Points of 7:30pm Show (doors open at 7pm)
  All Wednesday company dancers
AWESOME STAFF Ms Kim's Monday night Jazz classes 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm
MS. KIM- MR. AJ-MS.JO Ms. Janelle's Tues. & Thurs. contemporary classes
MS. KAY - MR. TREY Mr. Trey's Wed. 4:30pk, 5:30pm & 6:30pm 
MS. JANELLE- MS. KELLI Ms. Daffi's Saturday 1:00pm
MS. DAFFODIL - MS. JAI Ms. Jai's Friday 6:30pm Beginner Tap
DESK STAFF: Haley & Aaron All other classes not listed will not be in the winter show.
  They will be in the June Recital…
  SAVE THE DATE….JUNE 24TH &25TH, 2016
Don't forget to set Our 8th annual dance recital will be held at the Nicholas J. Horne Theatre. We will be 
your CLOCKS back purchasing costumes for this event. The costume fee is $75 for dancers in a child size and
Sunday, Nov 1st, 2am $85 for dancers in an XL-child through adult sizes. This will be due with the February tuition
  and the show fee is &85, includes 2 free show tickets, a DVD of the show and will be due
  with May tuition. We will send an early Spring newsletter with reminders. Please let the front 
  desk know if you will not be participating, as we need to let the teacher know in advance for
  choreography reasons. Looking forward to a great show…Our theme this year is…
  CSDA goes "DISNEY"